Frequently Asked Questions

What does "fair use" mean? is still a small startup. It's been designed to scale from the ground-up, but if your blog is uber popular, we might reach out.

How does the subscriber limit work?

The "Free" plan is limited to 20 subscribers. If you go over that number, your widget will still gather new subscribers just as before and your emails will still get sent, but only to those first 20 people. Upgrading to the "Pro" plan instantly removes this cap.

What kind of stats on my blog are available? tracks the following data for you:

  • How many subscribers you have, and when they signed up
  • What page they signed up on (so homepage vs. your blog post about cats)
  • How many mails were sent for each of your posts (so, if you had 100 subscribers at the time of publishing, 100 people)
  • Opens
  • Clicks

Does comply with GDPR and/or local spam laws?

In short, yes. sets no cookies and does not track users apart from the stats included in the above section (so opens, clicks, etc). is double opt-in by default, meaning that the user must confirm their email address before they're subscribed.

All emails sent on your behalf by include an unsubscribe.

How can I pay for my paid plan? uses Stripe Inc. to process all its payments. Currently, it's set up for credit cards, but if you'd prefer something else (like SWIFT or direct deposit), please reach out to

Have a different question?

Likely there's something you might want to know but it's not here! Feel free to reach out to and get your answer!