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Email is still the best way to reach your audience.

No feeds, no algorithms

Social networks use complex algorithms to figure out what to show, often leaving your content unseen.

Get real attention

An estimated 58% of people check email before anything else daily. Email's read & click rates are exponentially better when compared to social.

Everyone has it

Email has been around since the 1960s – unlike social platforms which change and die, email has remained a steady (and growing) communication medium.

Blogsend gives you everything you need to retain readers.

Focus on writing awesome content, and Blogsend sends it out, with no extra work on your part.

  • Simple signup for your readers with a highly customisable, easy to embed widget for your blog
  • A professional-looking, responsive email template for you to personalise
  • Smart, relevant blog statistics & analytics that help you understand your readers

How does Blogsend work?


Embed the widget

Use the simple Wordpress plugin, or copy + paste the code after customising it.


Publish your content

No extra work needed, Blogsend will notice your new content and send it out!


Blogsend emails your subscribers, automatically...

...And gathers stats about the performance of each email.

Set up in minutes

Go from 0 to fully set up in 5 minutes with our flexible widget.

Customise your email

Change fonts, colours, what text appears and when to better fit your brand.

Fully automated

Works with your existing RSS feed, so adds no new steps to your workflow.

Get stats that you need

Get opens, clicks, subscription rates and more for each and every mailing.

Secure and private

Blogsend will not share or sell you or your subscriber's data – ever.

Bulletproof responsive email

Blogsend's email templates are routinely tested across many devices.


Free Forever

  • Unlimited blogs
  • Unlimited newsletters
  • Fully customisable signup widget
  • Stats for your posts
  • Customisable email template
  • Max 20 subscribers
  • Stats data retention for max 30 days

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Pro ($7/month)

  • Unlimited blogs
  • Unlimited newsletters
  • Fully customisable signup widget
  • Stats for your posts
  • Customisable email template
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Stats data retention for 2 years

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